Bringing Tibet Home (Institution/Education use DVD)

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Bringing Tibet Home (Institution/Education use DVD)

Bringing Tibet Home (Institution/Education use DVD)
Genre: Documentary
Writer,Director: Tenzin Tsetan Choklay

Tibetan and English with English subtitles

(US/South Korea/India/Nepal 2013 I 82 mins )

Bringing Tibet Home is the deeply personal debut feature documentary by Tibetan filmmaker Tenzin Tsetan Choklay. The film crew follow from start to finish the New York based Tibetan contemporary artist Tenzing Rigdol while he creates his most ambitious installation yet: The Soil Project. Inspired by his father’s dying wish, to once again set foot on Tibetan soil, Rigdol transported soil from Tibet through Nepal to Dharamsala, India, to bring a piece of Tibet to the Tibetan exile community. Choklay films Rigdol’s physical and emotional journey to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges as he navigates the border controls of three countries to smuggle out 20 tons of Tibetan soil. A deeply inspiring portrait of human resilience at its most tested, and a profound example of enduring creativity through times of political turmoil.

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